Sex Coaching Helps
Ladies Night Workshops
Getting married, just had a break up, looking for something sexy, educational, and fun for your next ladies night?

LaToya Jennifer specializes in ladies night workshops. Some topics include: Pole Dance, Sex Toys, Fellatio Lessons and More!
Your Sex Coach
Welcome to a world of seduction, celebration of life, and exploration of human sexuality free from perversion. We invite you to learn share and explore with us.

Female Sex and Intimacy Coaching
~ Build Sexual Confidence
~ Learn New Skills
~ Become a Better Lover
~ Plan a Special Night
~ Learn The Art of Seduction
~ Enrich Your Love Life
~ The average married couple has sex once every 2weeks for about 7 minutes
 LaToya Jennifer is the owner and operator of GoddessNmotion. Teaching women to love themselfs, love their body, love others, and most importanly how to use their feminine power. LaToya gives workshops and well as sensual pole dance lessons for women, helping them unlesh their inner goddess.
LaToya Jennifer has a real passion for empowering women to love themselfs, respect themselfs, all while learning to enjoy their sexuallity to the max. Keeping love alive and making life trully orgsmaitic!